Vans Warped Tour 2013 Bound




So first off, things have been going way better lately. My mom’s still upset I’m not going to a 4 year school right off the bat, but my dad is fine with it because he knows I’m only going to community college either till January or for 1 or 2 years. It saves so much money anyway. I guess my mom wants to pay for me to party or get out of the
Anyway, I decided to finally go to Warped Tour with my friend Amanda. I’m really excited because Forever the Sickest Kids and Anarbor both just had two GREAT new cd’s come out and if you buy them there, there’s a chance you could get to meet them.
I love FTSK’s new cd J.A.C.K and listen to the whole thing once everyday haha.
I’m also going to see TheStorySoFar, TheUsed, and SleepingWithSirens. I really wish Mayday Parade and Pierce the Veil were on it this year though lol


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