Ugly personality. I’m moving out.

So I’m up and bored. Lol. What else is new. But I do my best blogging when I listen to music so here it is.
My mom and I have had an ongoing battle about my weight. She has a fast metabolism so even though she is 48, she barely weighs 100 pounds. I, however, take after my dad and weigh around 140, but am a gymnast and have a lot of muscle mass.
My mom doesn’t think so so she proceeded to yell at me for 2 hours last night about how she is responsible an concerned about my health. Haha so I told her she could disown me if she wanted. That was fine. Lol. I’ve tried really hard to salvage our relationship, but I don’t think it can be done.
I got sick the other night. So bad that I still have a popped blood vessel in my eye. Instead of asking me if I was okay she loudly barked (because she doesn’t yell,) “what did you eat?”. I said what we had for dinner and she said no, I mean what did u eat all day cause I know you ate all day.
As a daughter or child, I know you parents are mortified to know she did that, but she did so even if I don’t get into school, I will bust my butt so I can move out. At least she gave me motivation. Thanks mom for caring and being “concerned about me.” You’re staring at me with a disgusted face when I eat dinner is only annoying and makes me feel like crap.




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