We are the Cure: Exhume

So when I’m bored or just in looking for something to do in general, I watch movies. The other days pick was Warm Bodies from redbox. My mom had a free rental from a Dr. Pepper she drank. Anyway, I was a little weary and apprehensive at first because I’m not big into the flesh-eating, dead, shoot-em in the head or they won’t die creatures, but I decided to watch it anyway and I’m glad I did.



I don’t know the main actor and actress’s names, but they were great. The cheesy 80’s music played on vinyl added some comic relief and R’s attempt to play it cool and keep Julie safe was cute. James Franco’s brother Dave was in it and he of course is really hot ha. He was Julie’s boyfriend that R eats but they were going to break up anyway.
Zombies aren’t supposed to be able to dream. Perry (Dave Franco) tells R that when he shows up in Julie’s dream. Julie says he can dream if he want to. Julie says one of my favorite lines, that one day they’ll exhume everyone. Her friend asks her what that means. She says it’s like to REVIVE. Perry says it means to dig up…as in a corpse.
Either way Julie and R become the cure through him changing back into a human and leading the way for others to cure themselves through remembering what it means and felt like to be alive.
Love is the answer. If only things worked like that outside of the movies.


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