Life is Beautiful


It’s the last week of my AP English class so our teacher is letting us watch movies. This particular one she brought in has nothing to do with what we’ve read, but it’s one of her favorites and she said she was sure that we would like it too. We are only on the second day of watching it, but we can all already tell it’s one of those rare movies that tugs at your heart-strings and makes you feel a plethora of emotions ranging from sadness to joy, hope to despair, and love to hate. Guido Orefice is a Jewish Italian bookkeeper who married a woman named Dora who was not Jewish. Guido convinced Dora, a schoolteacher, at the time, to fall in love with him by bumping into her constantly, calling her princessa, and rescuing her from marrying the brute of a fiance she was engaged to. Orefice is the perfect husband and father to their son Giosue.

Giosue meets his grandmother in his father’s bookstore and she says he will meet his grandma the next day and she will have a surprise for him. While Dora, Guido, and their son are getting ready. Giosue is stubborn and tells his mom he does not want to take a bath because he took one on Friday. he hides in a cupboard and hiccups like his mother has a habit of doing when she is made to do something she does not want to do.

Upon returning from picking up her mother, Dora finds that her son and husband have been forcefully taken away by the Nazi’s. Despite the fact that she is free to go, she goes to the train station where they will be leaving from and boards. They get to the concentration camp and to shield Giosue from what is really going on, Guido says it is all a game. The first to get a million points will win the first prize and that is a tank. This is important because Giosue LOVES tanks. He eventually becomes skeptical because someone tells him that they will make soap and buttons out of them and that they burn them in the ovens, but his dad tricks him into wanting to stay saying that they are in the lead and they can’t leave now.

Will Giosue eventually want to take a shower or will he keep hiding?, will Guido keep being his charismatic self and get into trouble?, will Dora be killed? or can this family of 3 miraculously make it out alive of what was one of the hardest times in Jewish history? Well, I will find out tomorrow. haha.



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