Semi-finalists advance to the Metro Tournament Finals

Semi-finalists advance to the Metro Tournament Finals

This picture was taken before we got lifetouch to take our official team photo, but none-the-less these are 14 of the most hard-working, dedicated, and underestimated girls on the soccer field. They’ve suffered losses, had low numbers, but ultimately were victorious in today’s game against Hampton Christian.

We all expected this to be our last game. That’s never a way to go into it so there were a lot of us who figured hey, they beat us once, but we tied the first time we played them so let’s disregard their club player up top, giver her a run for her money, defend, and score some goals.

We led 1-0 at the half, but let them come back. Then, amazingly enough we had another goal and held them off for the remaining 6 or 7 minutes. Amazing game and we know what we have to do going into tomorrow’s game against Shores. A team that we’ve lost 6-0 to both times.


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