The Evil Dead


A girl, her father, a 9:50 a.m showing of this movie, and the rest is history.

Not having an inkling of what this movie was about or what it would be like, I dragged my dad out to see it one Saturday morning after we went to the restaurant my friend’s parents owned called Vancostas. The food was great and afterwards we headed over to AMC in Hampton to see this scary movie since I had been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks now. 

The opening sequence is pretty vulgar as a girl who is obviously injured scampers in the wood, but is eventually caught again and awakens to find that he has been tied to a post in an unfamiliar basement and many spectators present who are watching her. Her father is holding the tools to light her on fire and is being egged on by an ugly hag excuse for a woman when the girl pleads for her life, but then her voice changes and she cusses him out and it is revealed that she has been possessed by some evil spirit. Her dad  realizing setting her ablaze is the only way, does so and then shoots her in the head.

Presumably much later, a group of friends meet up to spend a mini-vacation in the woods. They know it will not be all fun and games since the group consists of Olivia, Mia, Eric, Mia’s older brother David, and Natalie who happens to be David’s girlfriend. They are there to help Mia come clean and break her addiction to narcotics or some kind of drug that she has already O.D’ ed off of once.

Optimistic about kicking her habit at first, Mia dumps her coke into a well and says she’s never touching that “****” again. Things go downhill from there when Mia starts to smell a foul smell that the others don’t. Being a registered nurse, Olivia, says it is just that her senses are heightened because she is going through withdrawals. They finally go to investigate the cellar and discover a bunch of dead cats have been hanged from the ceiling and their is a creepy leather-bound book wrapped in a trash bag. Eric investigates it, starts to decode it’s languages, and ultimately reads the incantation that starts the curse which possesses Mia in the woods by a tree “raping” her.

No longer herself, she goes crazy and presumes to try to kill everyone. She nearly succeeds and the rest of the movie follows in a gory manner and David’s girlfriend cuts off her hand with a meat cleaver, and even Mia rips her hand free from under a jeep in order to kill the Evil Dead that rises from the grave her brother had only minutes before buried her in. She is the only survivor.



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