Money Can’t Buy Me Love

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?Image

Once asked this question, my heart cannot help but pitter-patter for the depressed soul of Jay Gatsby who thought that money could buy him love in the form of Daisy Buchanan. Sweethearts when they were young and in love at 16, Jay went off to the war and failing to keep her promise, Daisy married a man of the old rich, Tom Buchanan. She doesn’t love him. Just tolerates him and everyone knows that Tom is sleeping around with Myrtle Wilson who lives with her husband, George, in the “Valley of Ashes.”

With the help of his West Egg neighbor Nick Carraway, Gatsby invites Daisy to one of his parties at his lavish mansions. Now that Jay has money, Daisy starts to rekindle the romance with her old flame. One can’t help but think that Daisy is a beautiful little fool like she hopes her daughter will be because she only “loves” Gatsby now because he is wealthy. She starts to have an affair with Jay because her husband is doing the same thing so who could it hurt? Daisy dangerously flaunts her newfound obsession in front of Tom though and in a craze while driving back from New York City, Daisy strikes Myrtle with Gatsby’s car and kills her husband’s mistress.

So how would I spend my money if I suddenly found myself independently wealthy one might ask? I would not squander it away on love because money can’t buy me love. I would try my very best to be the change I want to see in the world by helping others who need it more than I do. That sounds honorable and the opposite of the lush lifestyle those New York party goers were living , but if you suddenly acquired all the riches in the world, who’s to say you wouldn’t go after those things you always wanted.

May be it’s a yellow car like Gatsby, or a passionate, promiscuous woman like Daisy.

Whatever your vice may be, pray it eludes you when the toxic smell of green paper we use

to buy things presents itself.

At any rate, I am very excited about the release of the new Great Gatsby movie since I read it in English class for school. Is anyone else as big a fan as I am? 🙂


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